International movers / International movers is a forwarding Israeli company



Many trading and manufacturing enterprises need daily sending and delivery of cargoes. International movers! They can certainly carry out production transportation by own forces and means, having on hand necessary transport. But experience shows that maintenance of their own transport even for very large industrial organizations is an expensive pleasure since besides the means spent directly on acquisition of truck transport, it is necessary to pay also its regular service (repair, replacement of details, fuel) and also to have a staff of drivers and loaders and pay for their work monthly.

Therefore it is more favorable to carry out inner Israeli and international transportation by means of the professional logistical companies.

International movers

“International movers” is a forwarding Israeli company which offers its clients qualitative transportation and accompanying services:

– International transportation of cargoes (including large-sized, heavy, dangerous, oversized, modular and perishable cargoes) exactly in time;
– Customs services (customs clearance);
– Warehouse services;
– Insurance of cargoes;
– Transportation by transport of any kind: sea, railway, automobile, aviation;
– Cargo packing;
– and many other things.

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We value our partners, and we try to become a reliable executor for every our customer. All your requirements and wishes will be executed in the best way. We carry out international transportation on any distances and to any point of the world. Attention to details and accuracy, skilled drivers and forwarding agents, good motor transport is the pledge of quality of our work. Wide experience in realization of transportations and knowledge of routes of transportation of cargoes gives us a chance to guarantee reasonable terms of deliveries.

International transportation with “International movers” is the trust based on professionalism.